GE Alarms holds a comprehensive stock of popular equipment, which is available for you to see at the time you request us to visit for quotation. We believe this allows all our clients the opportunity to sample the devices/ controllers and equipment at their home or business with more confidence than a brochure alone will provide.

Wired or Wireless?

As highly qualified Technicians we have selected to stock established brand names only, for the long term peace of mind needed, on both wireless and wired equipment. By selecting the versatility of Visonic and Texacom, we allow you the customer an informed choice that best suits your premises and budget, that combines the benefits of both without compromise.

Wired systems do have batteries located within many devices to ensure your system is fully effective during a power cut or system tampering. These batteries are generally rechargeable and can allow the device top up power. The circuit board technology generally incorporates some long established and well known features, with at times a moderate electrical power drain.

Probably the most significant electronic break through for alarm systems has been the now well known surface mount technology circuit board manufacture, with extremely low power consumption.


As such included in our extensive range are some of the following:

Visonic Sensors
A variety of sensors with power saving technology and the flexibility only wireless provides for easy changes to suit your long term decorating and building alterations. With servicing simplified, we focus on providing for the long term savings you need to consider as well as the best coverage without the limitations of routed wires.
Visonic Panels
A range of Reliable control panels with telephone communication that support emergency service response or your preferred private dialing with built in voice instruction. At G E Alarms we only select those controllers that have capability in providing both fully wireless or a mix of wired and wireless to best suit your requirements
A Range of wired siren box’s for alternative styles, performance and long life. With alternating day and night comfort lamps
Visonic Smoke Detector
An extensive range of smoke and gas detectors, which not only offer life saving alerts when you are home, but telephone out the specified alarms via your control panel for when you are out or need the help of others.
Visonic Keyfob
Key fobs and panic devices for easy alarm setting and unsetting with panic alert capability
Why not ask to see the full range from our fixed price catalogue, when you request your visit.